Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rolling in the Deep and Donation

 Today, I had the courage to go out of our unit to see the surroundings. Well, I had the courage because the flood is just ankle-deep infront of our building. So I just wore my combat boots to keep me away from getting wet. Trousers, Simple Tees and Cardigan. Here are the photos of what I'm wearing and the surroundings:


 Our rescuers. Haha... Yeah I call them that because most of the students in our building are craving for real foods. hahaha
 View of iTower's parking.

 Then, we took advantage of taking photos of our selves:


Simple Tees (Calvin Klein), Cardigan (bench), Shorts (bench), Boots

Okay, but the real goal is about the help for my fellow citizens. We can help them by donating.

They also accept:
and more

and for the site if you will donate money click here

Here also:
 I hope that one helps. :D

I am PAULO and let us help!

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