Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daniel Wellington

As I have promised, "I will make a solo blog pos for DW" and here it is. I first saw this watch last year at Instagram. It caught my attention and I was under the impression of "I want this badly." So I looked over the internet to know more about the product. And that made me crave for more of this. I love how the design works... It's very sleek, vintage looking which I really love, simple like not so complicated looking watch and trendy. Another, it comes with a Nato Strap. I am a fan of those kind of straps.
Also if you would look over their website and read their About you will see a nice paragraph that will merely describe why I'm rooting for this.
"The “preppy” trend is bigger than ever before. And while there are many big players in the fashion industry that caters to preppy needs, such as Ralph Lauren, Gant and Brooks Brothers, we felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing. 
We believe that Daniel Wellington fills that gap. Our vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch." -DW
Indeed and well said, huh?! Maybe enough of the words, I think the pictures will do why I really like and want to have these...

I am Paulo and may present to you Daniel Wellington

1 comment:

  1. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for DW watches in the Philippines. :) I think DW watches are classy and elegant. :) Great choices!

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