Thursday, August 30, 2012

Find Your Edge

So I heard, Wrangler Philippines will be releasing their Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Robinsons Place Manila today(August 29, 2012) until Sunday(September 2, 2012). That's why I went to their Philippine website to see if they are already uploaded. And yes, they are. Indeed, their collection is still ruggedly free looking which I think is good. It feels free. Then I saw their concept which really got me:
"When you're out on the open road, no destination in mind. The world is yours - anything is possible. Freedom isn't  something you can point to in a map. It is the map. Finding your edge is an endless journey. And, it starts right here."  - Wrangler Philippines
I think that they really showed what their concept is all about. Just look at the photos below. It's like they have the taste of freedom in an endless journey and found their own edge. They've owned it.

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

I am Paulo and what's your edge?

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