Monday, August 27, 2012

Cotton On: The Explorer

It's just me being excited for Cotton On's Opening here in the Philippines (though, i have no idea when), that's why I managed to looked over their website and found some cool stuffs. Then I thought how about do a blog post about their new arrivals.

So this is the product of my whole exploration on their website. I can call this get-up, "The Explorer". If you are up to road trip or something else, this is one good look to take consider.

I have dibs on that purple chinos because it's PURPLE! Then wearing chino-type pants are very comfortable most specially when you will be walking a lot. Next I chose the blue singlet/vest because it goes with the color of the pants and the plaid hoody long sleeved polo which will be on top of it. And wearing those will be like wearing two outfits as well. For example, when you want to look raggedly decent or the weather is kind of cold/windy/rainy you can wear that red polo on top of the blue singlet but when it's kind of hot you can just remove the polo and be like with just that singlet and the pants. Nice huh?! :P Then accessorize
yourself with sunglasses just like in the photo and the blue watch. For the bag, I chose that duffel looking one in case you need to bring some things while you are in an exploration. Lastly, the shoes... that desert boots is perfect for the whole outfit. All of these are from Cotton On which I compiled. I hope you take consider of this look.

I am PAULO and I really want that purple chinos!

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