Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Original Skin

Since, I received an email to my both mails which I think they are reading my blog, I will try my best to make a feature out of it. They call themselves The Original Skin, they say they are original bold clothing, based on what I read from their site. I also read that they change theme every season just like others do. And for this season they have NOSTALGIA. So if you are the basic-tees and jeans type of person, this is something you should consider. This is also for those who are basic-tees and a jacket plus jeans type of person.

One thing I love about their design, the print looks vintage.

These are their four designs for this season. Upon checking them on their website, I noticed that every shirt has a meaning why the print is like that. You better check them out. And just recently, they are now also available for women. So enjoy!

I am Paulo and this is The Original Skin

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