Monday, September 14, 2015

Date Night Outfit

"Date Night Outfits should undergo preparation"

 Last time I did this was months ago. Now I'm back with another outfit ideas for a specific kind of occasion. If my previous post was about What Girlfriends Want, this time around it's about Date Night outfits. I know the previous one sounds like this but what if it's your own choice. I hope this collection of clothes will help you in deciding what to wear in such occasions.
 If you are on a date night in a causal or fine dining restaurant, you should look presentable. Not only for your date but also for the audience. Who knows you might make a scene (hahahaha I hope it's a good one). One thing you should start wearing is polo shirts, button downs whether long or short sleeves. Plain ones will do but a little details may help too. We don't want to overdress with overly powered prints over your shirt. A plain subtle cool and refreshing one is great.
There are thousands of pants to wear. But denim and rugged ones should be avoided on a date night. Start with khaki and slacks. It will pull through. Plus, it's smooth, comfortable and sleek. Match your pants with a belt of a different color to add style. Again, shoes and belt of same color is dope!

I know, you've seen this collection already. But it's a perfect to use for a date night. Except the combat boots. Scratch it off. 

 This is the reason why I'm telling you to just be in plain tops. Outerwear will help you bring out the style that you are looking for. But not only that, these outerwears have double purpose. It's for your additional points to your date. Why? If they get too cold, lend them your jacket, blazer, sweater or cardigans. Poof! Your girl will smile and make giggles inside her mind.

 Don't forget to be as early as possible. Don't let your date be the first one to arrive. It's so not a gentleman thing. We should be the one waiting not them. So wear your watch.
Also wear briefs or boxer briefs! Don't go on boxer shorts on a date night!
Why? Picture below will tell you the reason which may make your date turned off.

Yes, shorts or boxers showing like that in the photo above is a no-no. It portrays unpreparedness, untidy and klutz. Good thing there are a lot of underwear brands there that will help you. One is Tommy John. This brand will give you the opportunity to look and feel best, just like what their slogan says. Plus, good things come when you are comfortable because this brand comes with a premium fabric which is not irritating to your skin. It's a catch.



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