Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Girlfriends Want

"You don't argue with your girlfriend when it comes to clothes."

 Hello diary readers!!! From all around the world there has been this same question from us men. What do girlfriends really want?
It may be true that they know what's best for us. That's why when it comes to what you wear, they have a big say on this.
So I asked my girl friends if what should a boyfriend wear. A lot of different ideas were thrown at me, so I compiled it. 

Here are the top ideas I gathered:

Your girlfriend wants you to be in SUNGLASSES whether it's sunny or cloudy. Most of them it adds style to the whole look you are showcasing. And it wouldn't hurt to wear one.

Girls want boys who look smart. EYEGLASSES portrays some kind of a dapper intelligent looking guy or someone who loves to read and learn more ideas.

Timing is everything. Time is gold. There may be a lot of sayings about time that's why there is a need for it to be necessary in your everyday look. Girls manage time properly and they want it to be in order. If they ask you 'what time is it?', you should be quick and ready to answer back. Plus wear your WATCH on your left hand.

A lot ideas about accessories were given to me. Accessories are used as catalysts for your look. It adds flavor and twists in what you wear.  Forgot to add hats and beannies

When it comes to cleanliness, women love that a lot. Because if you look clean, you look fresh and decent. But what's the typical look for cleanliness? It's PLAIN SHIRTS. It doesn't matter if it's round or v-neck. Any style will do.

 One staple Sunday dress is POLO SHIRT. As what most couple do, they hear mass together. Respect the church so wear properly and accordingly. And just like any other couple, after mass is a date.

 OUTERWEARS are plus pogi-points. During all those cold nights, cool ambiance and your girl is getting all shaky and cold, this piece of clothing will save you and makes those girls kilig. (Leather, Letterman, Cardigans, Classics, Pullovers)

 Just like those of the outerwears, they have the same use. But an additional function of BLAZERS  is that they can be worn from Casual to Smart Casual to Formal.

 Girls do cling on your shoulders and it is a plus for them if they can cling into your arms with nice cottony soft SWEATSHIRTS which they love to feel.

Like most dates, guys wear BUTTON DOWN to do the smart casual look and to appear dapper enough for their lady. (Short/Longsleeves)

 There are several different PATTERNS for shirts. But there are only few which attracts the ladies most. These are: Plaid, Stripes, Denim, Knits, Florals and Polka Dots. 

 When it comes to clothing for your legs, SHORTS and PANTS are of course the best options. But go for the shorts that are not too long and pants that are not too loose.

I know there are several types of SHOES out there. But women would want you to have these types so that you can have choices for every occasion. And as what I have gathered, they like the TakawLingonShoes. What are those? Just scroll up.

So guys, better check your wardrobe if you have some of these wants from your ladies. Who knows it might help you gain another pogipoint.

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