Friday, May 17, 2013

Ben Sherman

Much has been said about Ben Sherman already. Still, I'm gonna make a write up about them because they are awesome! It's been 50 years of British style by Ben Sherman yet they are still rocking the fashion industry with elegance, class and style. It's like they never get old since they are always in style and you will regret not to have one in your closet. So I'm kind of in that part because I still don't have one. Pretty soon... hahaha... But still, I want to talk about them. Ben Sherman has a lot to offer for young lad, gentlemen, bachelors and even the grown ups because what I know is this brand knows what's running in the minds of these people. He got it! And that's how you get to have your people.

For more photos catch them on their website or Facebook.

I am PAULO and let's have that HERITAGE OF MODERNISM!

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