Friday, May 3, 2013

More Value More Life

So I just got an email from this particular store that I will be blogging about. They were asking me to tell and spread their new campaign. As you may have known, I am a pharmacy student and a pharmacist in the making, so I guess I'm kind of in the right place to talk about this thing. But it's not just the pharmacy itself but the whole store.

Okay, I'm telling it now. Watsons will be refreshing their store with a newly made campaign which is More Value More Life and with that they will be delivery a major customer satisfaction leading to a looking good and feeling great store. If you don't know yet, Watsons is Asia's largest health and beauty retailer which makes them more globally competitive. They've been around in the industry for years making us customers have the value of what we've paid for. This new thing going on with them will help them grow more and provide more for their customers as they service us with best value.

I think, I've said so much so let me just introduce you their new brand ambassadors: Shamcey Supsup, Venus Raj, Marie Ann Umali, Fatima Rabago and her daughter Daniela.


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