Monday, July 15, 2013

Guilty as Charged

I'm back! Yes, I'm guilty as charged that I haven't posted for a while. It's because I was busy for my Pharmacy Board Exam and thanks to God, I passed it. So now, I am a Registered Pharmacist. Yay! But am not that sure if I'm really that back from being that updated from what I used to do here on my blog plus I haven't got my laptop replacement. The package is taking so long hopefully soon!

I kinda have a new thing about fashion which is "Fashion is EFFORTLESS!" That's why this outfit post of mine is just simple. Plain orange shirt just like that of the prisoners' uniform but they have the letter 'P' in theirs that's why I named this post as Guilty as Charged. Then, I partnered it with my black jeans and a pair of nice shoes. Also I added some accessories any kind of it plus sunglasses for your eyes. This is something that you may call your everyday wear but not only that you may also use this in some events just make sure it will fit the event you are going into. I guess that's it for this post. Plain. Simple. Effortless. Yet... still stylish. hahaha...

Plain Orange Tees | TeeCulture
Pants | Topman
Shoes | Native Shoes
Sunglasses | Cotton On

I am PAULO and I am GUILTY.

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