Sunday, June 16, 2013

Do It Yourself


Shirt | Tee Culture from SM YOUTH
Shorts | Maldita Men
Fedora Hat | SM Accessories
Eyeglasses | Cotton On
Socks | Topman
Shoes | People are People

Since something is wrong with the application in Facebook meaning I can't register nor upload my photo for the contest of SM YOUTH about TEEGRAM, I'll be making it a blog post. But guys, you may still join yours might be working. Anyway, this is actually my own DIY shirt. Because I'll be joining the contest I thought for the originality. The mechanics is to buy any of the shirts from Tee Culture and then make a good outfit shot out of it. So the originality part struck me in. So I got my old floral Shirt. Cut a pocket-size from it then sew it on my plain black shirt. Isn't it amazing how you make something plain into something with details.

If you want to join the contest here's the link for the page of SM Youth. There you can click the TeeGram Tab and join. Good luck! Awesome prizes await you!


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