Thursday, April 19, 2012

give your heart a break

So my youngest brother and I are bored so we made some photoshoot around our garden. Well actually we went at our Ninong and Ninang's place to visit and bring something. Then we got home early. So to kill time this is what we did.
Then for my attire, I have a topman shirt. It's like a simple striped shirt. I paired it with my vintage-ish pants from folded and hung. Then add up eyeglasses form topman again and my necklace that has a camera pendant which is also vintage looking. Lastly I just wore my boat shoes.
If you are not so into Sando or Vest or Singlets for summer you can have this. Because somehow it is refreshing.
You might want to FAN and HYPE. THANKS!
I am Paul and I am bored.

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