Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getwear: Be your own designer

Maybe most of us wanted to be our own designer. Most of us wanted to wear who we are. In that case you have to take risks creating your own stuff. You have to stand up for what you can do and embrace it.

So I saw this webpage where you can create your own and then be able to sell it. It got my attention for I wanna design my own as well. And somehow be able to share it to others. As I stand for the thought "Be Yourself", I am hoping that people who would buy whatever I created wouldn't be anymore afraid of showing their real selves. With this, I believe I can create whatever's on my will which is on the said thought and inspire people.

Here's the Getwear page. Click ME.

So it's here's my first design from getwear. Hope you could check it out and buy it as well. hahaha...

I am Paulo and for those aspiring designers go getwear!

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