Monday, October 15, 2012

Fueled for UST (10.11.12) & MINT

If you would look at the title yes this has something to do with the UST vs. ADMU Game 2. It's an outfit post. We were asked to wear yellow to support our school in Game 2. Though we've lost, I'm still a proud Thomasian. Why? They gave a big great fight. So congratulations to both teams.

For our outfit posts. When I heard that we would be wearing yellow, I got excited since it's a day off from our uniform. Then, I thought it will be great if I will wear a Thomasian shirt. But due to public demand, the one that I want isn't available anymore. If you are curious what it is... that's the baseball shirt that has a "Tigers" writing on it. Because I thought it would be a good lookbook posts. But unfortunately, that did not happen. So I came up with this.

black and yellow plaid (Mint), Watch (SM Accessories), Pants (Penshoppe), Singlet/Sando/Vest (Penshoppe), Eyeglasses (Tomato)

Let me just say something about Mint since I've already given some thoughts about those other brands just browse my page. So Mint, as a local brand, I think what they have in stores are our everyday or school clothes. I think that's good because you will get good stuffs in a single store. I think as local brand they should also be part of those most known, just an opinion. So they should make some more noise. And oh btw, they are part of the Fashion Week on the 23rd of October. You have to go guys for you to check on their new collections. To avail the ticket purchase P1,000 for 1 ticket & P1,500 for 2 tickets from their store and voila.

I am PAULO and GO USTe!

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