Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summertime Sadness

Kiss me hard before you go...

Tank Top | H&M
Shorts | FnH
Sunglasses | Rayban
Shoes | Nike

Summer is over. Though we are still experiencing heat. But summer has officially passed. Some are now back to school just like me and some are still waiting for their opening of classes. Of course, it's a good thing to end summer with an outfit post.

A tank top with a summer-ish print is a good outlet to portray as summer attire. And of course, florals for summer is a one thing as well, that's why am wearing one through shorts. Don't forget to put on some casual rubbershoes. And lastly, your sunglasses.

Have you guys heard about CASUAL RUBBERSHOES?

Well a casual rubber shoes isn't just a typical rubber shoes that you wear for sports or activities that requires a lot of moving and all. It is a shoes that you can wear for your OOTD at the same time a high quality shoes used for doing massive activities. Actually, can't further explain it. But to tell it shorty, picture a nice looking sneakers that you wear everyday or wear in events then combine it with a rubber shoes... then that's it.

Well, NIKE has them since then. But they have this newly crafted and really in the hype-level design of shoes which they call ROSHE RUN. A masterfully designed high quality good looking casual rubber shoes. I think I should be doing a different post about this though, so keep posted.

I am PAULO and see you soon SUMMER!

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