Sunday, June 29, 2014

Checkered on Plain

"Simplicity is beauty."

Shirt | Uniqlo
Long Sleeves | Folded and Hung
Shoes | Stefan Jasnoki (Nike)

Rainy season has come yet we still have days where the sun shines bright and leaves hot temperature. With that, am enjoying it with just going plain so I won't sweat that much. And if ever the rain comes down, I have my long sleeves to cover me up with the coolness... If not, you can just tie it up on your waist to add accent in your whole look.

 I know everyone already know Nike's Stefan Janoski. And I envy those who own a lot of pairs of this particular style from Nike. The over-all look and style is just pure dope. Also, it may be kind of pricey but your money is worth it for it is a really sophisticated shoes and a really good quality kicks.

Photographed by: Ara Marasigan (@marasiganara)

I am Paulo and Fashion is also Simplicity.

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