Friday, June 15, 2012

Give it a try

Since I've been posting men's fashion through my lookbook then incorporating it here. I wanna try posting for women. Just a pure experiment. So that I could help everyone. I don't have a model yet for this that's why I used pure pictures.

So, I'll be calling this look hippie indie American. The compiled photos are all from google images.

To explain this, the oversized long sleeved polo is worn with the american-flag-design mini shorts. Note: do not tuck it in. With that, use a skinny double belt around the waist part of the long sleeved polo to add body shape. Then I found this driver's flats (I think it's Tory Burch) for the shoes. Why not heels? I don't want to overdress you girls. hahaha... Then, add up some accessories. So I chose a feather necklace. Then bracelet with blings on it. So I can say the whole get-up is done but something came up on my mind. I asked myself would it be better if girls who will wear this should have a braided hair? And I agreed. SO voila, here's your complete look. Girls, I hope that I've made some help. Thank you for reading!

I am Paulo and what an experiment!

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