Saturday, June 16, 2012

SM Men's Fashion Show

Ever since, I've been a fan of walking on a runway. I've been dreaming of walking along that aisle showcasing how I put on my clothes. It's like sharing what I know. Just a few hours ago, I got to watch SM Men's Fashion Show. Thanks to SM-Youth for putting me up in their guest list. The new line of clothes are great. I think they fit well on my likes. So here are some few photos from the show.

This is my personal favorite among the outfits shown.

After the show my friend and I got a chance to have few photos with the models and the host.

So here's my friend and her "boyfriend". hahahah!!!

Here's my picture with one of the hosts. She is the jolly one. Too bad, didn't get a photo with the other girl. I think she's australian. She's gorgeous and very thin. I think I have a crush on her. hahaha...

So I got also the chance to have a pic with my new mate. hahaha.. So Robbie Becroft is one of the models. I know him through blogging. He posts awesome looks and stuffs that's happening to his life. He gives advices and stuff on Photography, Modeling and more in his site. I wanted to ask him or interview him for certain things like Photography, Dressing Up, Modeling and stuff. Because aside from being a successful Thomasian Pharmacist one day, I have a passion for those things. Unfortunately, I think he's in a hurry and we are in a hurry as well. Well there's always next time. (Actually I want to be a model as well. hahaha...) And oh, don't forget to vote for him for the tattawards.

So it was indeed a wonderful day! Hahaha... Thanks to SM-Youth again for the guest list. And nicely done with the SM Fashion Show.

I am PAULO and I want to be a model! hahaha...

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