Monday, June 18, 2012

Wanna go places?

I know everyone wants to go places. Because that's one thing I have on my bucket list to go places. Travel the world. Explore what God has made for us.

The place that I want to visit most is England. When I hear the word English People what pops in my first is their good life. They have royalty in their place. And that's one thing that I admire to them. Also, their accent are admirable. hahaha... Well SM Youth has it. They've added a line of shirt that shows the culture of England. They've made tees with a print that shows what we can see in England. Here's a photo.

If you guys can't see the whole photo click it. Sorry haven't made changes for my blog. Maybe soon. Too busy to change the layout.

My personal favorite here is the last photo. The one with a printed LONDON word and a background of the place.

But that's not all there's more...

SM Youth and SM MensClub do not only offer England. They also have Tokyo, New York, and Paris.

Here one the first line my favorites are 3rd and 4th. While on the second is 3rd.
All are great though.

It's not done yet. They have more.

So these are the new added collection for SM Youth. Hope you like it guys. Visit their site.

I am Paulo and go grab one now. Hopefully, I could buy one soon. I kinda have a busy week right now. :(((

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