Friday, June 15, 2012

Lookbook: We Are Young

Hello again guys! So as you can see my previous post is about ladies. Okay, now I'll be continuing with my outfit post and this is for the gents. Actually, it's been a while almost two weeks since I made one. So I hope I did make a good comeback.

So I'm wearing my baseball shirt from Rex Clothing. They have several different good styles. And I'm looking forward to buy another from their collection. I paired it with my brown chinos/carrot-cut -ish style. My combat boots for my feet. The weather is moody and these shoes are great for it. Why? Sometimes the sun is out sometimes not. So for those times that the sun isn't present and the rain is. These shoes are very handy. Okay, back to my outfit, I found this bone-ish style necklace somewhere. The store does not have a name as far as I remembered. hahaha... So voila, here's my we are young look. As you can see I chose that name because the whole get-up sends me a youth vibe. haha..

Oh well here's the picture and mind hyping my look? :D

I am Paulo and I feel young!

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