Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

The new movie for Spiderman will be out in 2 nights and 1 day time. Who's excited? Well, I am. Yes, I am a superhero fan. Marvel. DC Comics and stuff. Anyway, so about the Spiderman. SM YOUTH has released a shirt about TheAmazingSpiderman. Hmm... I think a good way to watch a movie is if you yourself is on it. I mean you are wearing a shirt like that of the movie. So I am inviting everyone to watch Spiderman on June 29 wearing one of these shirts.hahaha... I'll be getting one soon. Maybe tomorrow. So that if I'll be able to watch it on Friday at Trinoma or Greenbelt, my attire would be a spiderman-ish one. I hope to see others wearing it too. I'll take a picture if ever I see one. hahaha..

I am PAULO and let me be your Friendly Neighborhood Paulo.

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