Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post Birthday Gifts

Well, my birthday is actually May 23. Meaning, it's during summer days. So, I believe that those people who celebrate their birthdays during summer, do not receive much of material things like gifts from their classmates or friends (although they send you special unique messages from the phone or any social networking sites. And I appreciate that a lot.). But this crazy friends of mine, no matter how late, they will still make you special. They are the ones who will not go for never. One thing that's good with that is you'll never know when they will surprise you. And for me surprises are like my ice cream. It puts you a big smile on your face. And that deserves more than an appreciation and gratitude.

Again, thank you BOTANERDS!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

We must celebrate! :D

And another thing, thank you for this wonderful gifts and the messages!!!


...a friend like you is very hard to an alien... YOU ARE MY ALIEN. :'>

stay gwapo... :D

God bless you!!!

Last shot for the road!

I really like guys who are genial...

Passion for Fashion! Pa-autographt kapag sikat ka na ah :D :) :O

Awesome messages from my friends. very touching...

I am PAULO and I have LEGEN....wait for it...DARY FRIENDS!!! :D

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  1. hi paolo:)can't wait to see you style pea.hehe! if you want ikaw sa style ako sa makeup then shoot and blog:DD