Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Laid Back (Combinations)

I felt like doing a laid back outfit and tried combining everything from the internet which I think will showcase the whole "laidback" thing. So from a series of googling and browsing. I came up with that photo above. Just your typical casual wear plain simple yet edgy.
  1. Sunglasses from Persol - This will be used for a little more style for the whole outfit.
  2. Vneck from Hollister - The whole idea of going laid back is just wearing something that is not too overdressed-ish look. You just have to go for your plains for your top and the rest will add up for the style.
  3. Ripped jeans from Abercrombie - For me having a little rugged look for a nice clean outfit is a good kick to have the edge of being stylish in a simple way. (Fashion is effortless!)
  4. Hoodie Jacket from H&M - You can wear this in two ways. Wear it as it is but do not zip it or place it on your back while the sleeves extend to the front and tie it loosely.
  5. Bag from Zalora - In case you have stuffs that you need to bring, you don't just grab any kind of bag for a perfect outfit of yours. I think this bag I found is a match for the whole outfit to portray the laid back look.
  6. Boots from Palladium - There are two options for the look but boots is more appropriate than sneakers in this kind of outfit. The idea of cuffing in your pants in the boots is also a nice punch.
  7. BTW, wear some perfume! And I was surprised to find that Zalora has a great selection of beauty products for men.  
I hope this one helps if you are having trouble which to wear for today.

I am PAULO and this is the LAID BACK LOOK!

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