Sunday, January 25, 2015


Everyone's Private Driver

Tired of waiting in line along taxi bays? Tired of getting pissed off to those taxi drivers who do not want to take you in? Tired of getting fearful while riding a taxi because of "modus operandi" issues? Well there's this cool trend that has been passing along the streets of Metro Manila. You might have even looked at it and take the windows of the car as a mirror because they've been everywhere. Let me introduce you, UBER!!!

Actually, it's an amazing company. I've rode a few times already and the experience is very comforting and it feels safe. My first try was from Makati to MOA. It's a special day for my friend who introduced Uber to me. It was her birthday. Since, we are riding from Makati, taxis are either full or don't want to take us because of the traffic. So we hired an Uber car. And it's not just any car, it's a Toyota Fortuner. Yes, there are different cars that you can hire. Also, I heard there's a Hummer Uber and it's only one (hoping to get it). Moving on, you get to choose to options: Black Car which is the SUV and Van type (in case you are more than 4) and the car type which is UberX. UberX is their Taxi-ish type thing. Just like any cabs, their flat rate is 40pesos. I'm not sure about the Black Car but it's a little more expensive. So I interviewed our driver that day, and it's his own car. Maybe it's just his sideline. So here are few photos from our experience.

I know you want to know more about them since my details are not enough, scroll a bit down more for their video and webpage. Thanks!

Uber Website

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