Friday, June 12, 2015

Baseball hats

Sports wear are stylish too!

So I was challenged to come up with a stylish look wearing baseball hat from Fanatics. There were so many choices and a lot of great designs. As you can see I've chosen Team Yankees because of the NY thing. Again, there are a lot of colors and styles to chose from. But one thing got me. This plain gray and teal hat which I think will steal the show. Hahaha

Since rainy season is coming here in the Philippines. I think layered outfits will best look with the hat. A good looking polo shirt from Lyle & Scott. Layered with a a nice comfy zipper hoodie jacket (River Island) and on top of it is a bomber jacket (21Men). Pants is a semi-slim straight cut from Topman. And lastly for the shoes I think a white clean looking sneakers. I haven't got the time to put in a photo of a shoes but I prefer Stan Smith Adidas.

Who said that sports wear can't be stylish? Well you got it all wrong. Just look at that product!

So there you go. Challenge accepted and done.

I am Paulo and here it is!

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