Wednesday, November 7, 2012

H.E. by Mango

I know I've been blogging less this past few days. I don't know what's the real reason but nevermind. I'm back in business anyway. So apart from blogging less, I was kind of late about the release of the new H.E. by MANGO here in the Philippines. Good thing my good friend Ryan, told me about this. So I hurriedly checked it on the internet. Nonetheless, Mango still makes that young, urban-feel, exceptional type of clothes even if for him or her.

These are their sample looks. And I think they are awesome! Look 1-3 are by far the best for me. Would love to do an outfit post like that. So guys, it's time for you to check on H.E. by Mango. Good fashionable and stylish clothes with class, variety and quality await inside their store. Hurry! :D

I am PAULO and let me present to you... H.E. by Mango

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