Monday, November 12, 2012

Sailing Soon

I told you that I will keep up from posting so less these past few days. So here's another one for you guys and they too will make a comeback! Actually, from their part, it's not a comeback because they've been always there. But they will be presenting their new store. So Flying Dutchman will have their Flagship Store Opening on November 17, 2012 at The Collective | 7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati. I'm quite excited for them since, I'm a fan of this local brand. They may be local but they present class, rarity, quality and style that I'm pretty sure timeless. And for me having one from any of their collections will help you stand out and that's one definition of elegance.

Here below are some examples of their stuffs that they sell:

They do not only make those most know bags from them but they also create clothes. And I think the designs are very cool! It's like the epitome of male fashion in a local brand. Nice huh?! :D

 And oh, this is me having an outfit shot with one of their bags:

I am PAULO and let's SET SAIL with the FLYING DUTCHMAN!

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