Thursday, March 6, 2014


Made just for you!

If you've been following my INSTAGRAM (@thepaulodiaries), you may have seen my post that I got bombed by this mix of special organic stuffs infused together to a liquid used for many healthful things. Maybe you are now having a clue what I'm talking about. Yes! It is a detoxifying juice.

I know, nowadays, people tend to eat not so healthful foods. Let's not name those foods because it pains me a lot to say it's not even helping though it's very luscious. And I, myself is guilty. Good thing, the revolutionary juices are on their way for helping us up in being fit and right through detoxifying our system and cleansing the bad stuffs we have eaten. Next, through flushing out of toxins with the aid of this juice, weight loss will follow but of course you have to be disciplined about it. Lastly, the health benefits in it. Like, antioxidants, immune system booster, anti-aging properties and things alike.

So get ready to be bombed by JUICE BOMB. Have your lifestyle change the soonest!

Juices from Juice Bomb are freshly made just for you. Using a high-quality juicer, and a delicate method in preparing the juice to maintain the enzymes coming from the fruits and vegetables. Full blast of nutrition guaranteed. - JUICE BOMB

I'm certain about Juice Bomb since it is owned by a LEGIT LICENSED PHARMACIST. Meaning?
She knows what Chemistry should be going on in that juice, what that kind of ingredient can do to your body, what's the use of the whole juice and what is right for your health.

Talking about the taste, it's not bad. Really! I can assure you that. I had the Astral Almond and it really tastes almond. Same goes with the Tomato Lovin' which I really love.

What are you waiting for? Inquire. Order. Detoxify. Be Fit. NOW!

JUICE BOMB IG: @juicebombph

I am PAULO and get BOMBED.

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