Thursday, February 27, 2014


"Runway is not the only place where you can present fashion."

Shirt | Urban Misfits
Pants | Zara
Shoes | Vans

Runway is not the only place where you can present fashion. You have the streets to do that. Make it your own through what your everyday-wear is. Plus... through fashion and the streets, you can express your own style. No rules. Anything, from dope to dapper to debonaire.

There are days when you really just want to be in a very comfortable tees with a good graphics, skinny jeans and sneakers. Because the feeling on it is not too overwhelming yet something to look out for. Just be confident on it and know how you should be delivering your whole day attire.

Got this dope looking shirt online. Actually, this is my first ever online transaction and it ended well. Thanks to URBAN MISFITS. I think, Urban Misfits showcases their brand for us young bloods through a touch of street style. Which is a very cool way to express the youth inside us. Every collection they release is a must watch. Just like their 2014 Spring Collection. 

They may be a newcomer but they are coming with a red carpet on their way. Having a playful act on fashion, style and design, Urban Misfits gives an edge to those kids who own the streets. Visit the links below to find out more from them.

I am PAULO and I am a YOUNG BLOOD.

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