Monday, February 17, 2014


"You command your own style."

People say: Black is good. Black is sexy. I say: Indeed! And black can be paired by any colors in a sense that it will always look good. It also brings out your skin color which will highlight your natural look.

Matching yellow mustard to black is such a good combination. Dark shade plus bright shade. What I mean is that, if the colors matched fits well your whole look will be off good one.

I know this is another of those varsity shirts that's been out in the market. But having the stars and stripes makes it more appealing since it does not only sport the varsity look but with an army touch. I just think that the stars and the stripes is a good design to showcase military instead of camouflage. I got this dope t-shirt from Forever 21 and the pants is from Bench, btw.

I am PAULO and you command your own style.

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