Sunday, February 9, 2014


"...basic tees + shorts + rubber shoes + sunglasses will be enough..."

Shirt | Oxygen
Shorts | BenchTM
Shoes | Nike
Sunglasses | Cotton On

Sorry, I was playing around, that's why again I have not been posting my outfit posts lately. Don't worry will try my best. Actually, this one is a very late post. Moving on, it's so nice to have that getaway from the city once in a while, like going to the province and have a family gathering. More importantly, it is so good to have that provincial breeze and the real sunlight minus pollution.

Since the sun is out, basic tees + shorts + rubber shoes + sunglasses will be enough for you to be well dressed in such event. Very comfy and you can move freely considering that you will be doing activities.

So apparently, varsity shirts have been around the fashion industry lately. And there are a lot of stores that showcase these kind of shirts. You can get it anywhere, I think. Just like the shirt that I'm wearing which I bought at OXYGEN. I have another one of this that comes in black and with a different number. Apart from the good quality, it is very stylish and affordable. And if you will be looking into their collections, it is very free spirited. I love it!

Here are a few photos from this little getaway, from Tous Les Jours Cake to Odd Looking Flower to Farm Animals:

I am PAULO and SORRY for playing around that much.

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