Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dots on Denim

Polo | BenchTM
Pants | Human
Shoes | Vans

First of all, I would like to apologize... Sorry! Because, this is a very late post. I had this attire during the New Year. It's pretty obvious though since I'm on polka dots. I never break tradition when it comes to New Year. I always wear something that is Polka Dots, whether it is my socks, undies, pants or whatever and that is new. It's just it.


If we are gonna look back. My last year's New Year attire is polka dots as well but a rolled up sleeve shirt with circles as patter but showcasing a peace/no war sign. And now, just going for the basic ones, denim polo with circles on it. I got this at Bench and it's a really comfy and affordable wear.

Since polka dots is all and powerful, it's okay to go for just a simple pants and a plain good sneakers. The polo will help you pull it off nicely.

I am PAULO and I never break traditions.

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