Sunday, January 13, 2013

Green it is

Green is the color of 2013. Specifically pantone green. For this compilation that I made, it's not just the specific color, it's also the shades of green. I think that the green color will be very pleasing to the fashion world. Moving on, as you can see above I've compiled 6 different photos. Let's start with the tops. First, camo (Topman) is still in since it's green and not just because of the color, the print itself brings more style to the one wearing it. Because it's not just any military shirt it can be incorporated to fashion world too. Next is the button down polo shirt with metal sleeve (Korean brand from yesstyle). I'm really fascinated with this type of button down. It's not just a usual button down's that's why I chose it to be part of this. Of course, sunglasses are still one of the accessories to wear. So on the photo, I chose a ray-ban icon round wire eyeglasses. Next will be outerwear, I'm knda into racer jacket now and I saw this cool looking one from Jack Threads which most prolly should be part of this blog post. It just looks good. Next, for the pants... a green chinos from Bonobos. Yes, chinos are still in. Note that for the pants, you can go for colored pants too even if it's not the chinos type. And lastly, a good quality and stylish sneakers from Nike. Hope I brought justice to this look. Thanks for reading.

I am Paulo and Green is for 2013.

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