Thursday, January 24, 2013

BB is back

Someone is making a big comeback. And I think it will kick some ass once it's out. So guys you have to mark your calendar particularly on January 30, 2013 that's on Wednesday to be part of the "Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented" market for Blackberry 10. There are a lot of specifications to watch for and they've made a preview of a few that is very tempting to buy. You can watch it here and go to their channel to view more:

So how was it? New system, new keyboard, new camera, new design and I bet there still a lot...

Aside from being an Apple, Sony and Samsung fan, I am a Blackberry fan too. Am just very open on what all these products have to offer. After all, they are same smartphones with different innovations.

To keep you more updated visit Crackberry. So here's a prototype of the said gizmo:

I am PAULO and welcome back BLACKBERRY!

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