Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider

Starting this kind of blogpost is kind of not that easy but who cares I will still make something out of it. It may be different from my usual posts but I'm still doing this because I know that I want it.

MTV Asia is having a contest for the MTV World Stage Insider. Someone who can truly represent the people/viewers on what's happening to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia by giving them the real-like-experience by just the power of Social Media like updates, videos, tweets, and pictures from the said event. That lucky someone (hopefully me) will be getting: 

MTV World Stage Insider Benefits:
  1. "Takeover" MTV Asia Social Media Channels – Twitter and Instagram
  2. Have your blog reposted on MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013's official site
  3. Have backstage pass** to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013
  4. Connect the MTV Experience with fans
  5. Potential interviews with artists, production crew and fans
  6. USD 10,000 engagement fee***

Those are big bonuses. Yes, they are bonuses because by just taking part in the MTV World Stage is already a big prize, a lot of fun and specially a great wonderful experience. That's why I'm joining and also kinda blogging this to share it to you my readers because some of you guys might want to. (But I'm hoping that I win this over you guys.)

You need to:
  1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  2. Be Fluent in English;
  3. Be able to travel from 30 August to 9 September 2013 – possessing the stamina of a Spartan (equivalent to 10 days of hard, but fun, work);
  4. Have the ability to submit a creative social media resume in video or blog entry (submissions must be titled “Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider”) to MTV, telling or showing us what makes you the right person for this role; with video lengths no longer than 2 minutes;
  5. Have an extended social presence (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blog);
  6. Ideally have attended at least one MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia; 

By just reading those requirements, from A-E is a big check for me but F is a no-no, haven't attended any. Winning this will be my first. And I think it will be a great first experience. I think... No... I know I'm capable of doing this thing being able to update the people through Social Media platforms. As you may have know I'm kind of a blogger running this blog (thepaulodiaries). With just my blog title "diaries" I think It will be really helpful in giving the NEWS that they want from the event. I'll talk to them as if they are my diary so that there will be a big connection. I know conversing with the people/viewers is one big criteria in doing this so that they will experience the same thing that I will be experiencing in MTV World Stage. Another thing, talking with being updated in my social media stuffs like Twitter (@thepaulodiaries), Instagram (@thepaulodiaries), Facebook Updates and this blog... I can say that I keep it updated faithfully. So doing my job as the insider will be easy for me. I don't quite else know what to say so that I get to be picked but I'm pretty sure that this is enough. :D Thank you!


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