Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shirt | H&M
Tie | SM Accessories
Coat | Tailored at HIM
Slacks | SM Mens
Socks | Topman
Shoes | Aldo

If you've been reading my previous blog post, I'm guessing you already know why I'm wearing something like this. Yes, it's for the OathTaking of the New Pharmacists of the Philippines. For my attire, I went for the kill of being a dapper one plus a Robin Thicke look from the MV Blurred Lines. I have a few advice for this look:
  1. The color of your belt is the color of your shoes
  2. The color of your tie is the color of your socks
It's good to play with colors just like what I did from gray to black to white to burgundy. It's okay if your coat and slacks are not of the same color just make it sure that they look good together. And one thing I would stress out in wearing coats, it should be a perfect fit.

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