Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jingle Bell Rock

It's also nice to have that OOTD costume.

Vest | Forever 21
Bandana | BenchTM
Shirt | H&M

It's Christmas season. And a good way to celebrate the whole season is to get involved to activities such as X-mas parties. But not just any kind of x-mas party, you should also have a theme for it so that there's a thrill in attending one. You get to bring out the creative side in you and pick out the clothes that will match the theme of the event. Bonus side is, you get to have an OOTD costume.

 There are a lot of ways to be on rock & roll outfit. Maybe on your first thought, you will be thinking of going on a leather jacket or wearing black all the way. You may also go for the studs. Well for me, I went for the vest, the bandana and the boots. I think it's great combination to say that you are rocking it. But am not saying it's the best, there are still other ways to dress up like one. You just have to be creative and don't be afraid in doing mix and match.

I am PAULO and keep ROCKING!

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