Sunday, December 8, 2013

Playful Hues

After all, taking such risk will tell how far I can go.

Plaid Long Sleeves | H&M
Chinos | BenchTM
Shoes | PeopleArePeople
Socks | Topman

Let me start first with a very sincere apology for being absent for so long. I have been very busy. A lot has happened since my last outfit post. But if you are following my microblogs such as Twitter (@thepaulodiaries) and Instagram (@thepaulodiaries) I guess, it's enough for me to keep posted. And this time hopefully, I will be that updated again just like how I used to be. So again, sorry guys and than you for still reading my blog.

It's really a fun idea to wear something that is inline with the event that you will be attending. Just like what I actually did. Since it's a Christmas Party, I thought to play around that's why I came up with the idea of being something close to Christmas Lights which is a very colorful tone. Even if this is a comeback and a comeback must be something that is grand I took the risk of being playful. After all, taking such risk will tell how far I can go.

Oh and, it's official H&M will be coming here in the Philippines next year. It's really a very good news for everyone.

I may not have enough photos to show you since I was the photographer but I can let you take a peak of the party I've been too. These are some shots I took.

I am PAULO and it's okay to be playful once in a while.

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