Sunday, February 3, 2013

TYLRD: One Shade

So I was looking over my facebook wall and saw this raglan shirt or popularly called baseball shirt. Mind you, I'm kind of a fan of raglans since that shirt alone can pull off the whole outfit. No more need for outerwears or accessories. I think that's the greatness of the shirt. Going back, what I was talking about is TYLRD: One Shade. It might be simple but I think it will still look good. Btw, TYLRD is a retail clothing and printing shop.

Let's also talk about the tank top for women. I think it's also a good design looking like a DIY. And for girls who can proudly wear tanktops like that, I see them more beautiful. I dunno why.

So guys and gals, better get one now.

Go to their facbook for more details. Already made a link:
Photographer/Stylist: Vanz Litonjua
Hair: Debbie Taylor
Videographer: Grace de Luna
Models: Eboy Fernandez and Danah Vargas

I am PAULO and that's TYLRD.

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