Monday, July 9, 2012


June had been a rainy month. In that case, my school leather shoes is on the grave of giving up due to the drops of rain, an inch flood and some things related. Well, it's not that broken yet. But it's better to be ready so I bought a new school shoes. 

I know there are a lot of good leather school shoes, local or not. But with my likes, I want it to be trendy and classy. I want it not to be just an ordinary school shoes I want it to be like a shoes that I can wear in a ball or something else. Trendy and classy are not only the options that I'm into when choosing such. It has to be comfy also. ALDO is one brand that has what I'm pertaining to and with a bonus of good quality. What I like most is that once you put your feet inside, it's very soft. Btw, they do not only make leather shoes, they also make different styles of shoes and others like accessories.

 Oh! before I forget they are on SALE up to 50% off as far as I remembered.

I am PAULO and this is ALDOmazing!!!

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