Friday, July 20, 2012

Philisophy of Giordano

Giordano once said...

"Giordano’s philosophy of “ World Without Strangers” transcends its origins and develops enduring trust and strong relationships with consumers across all borders and cultures.

The essence of Giordano is to provide relevant, essential and timeless fashion for all; and to develop apparel for everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.

Giordano is a brand for everyone, everywhere.
I fully agree on this statement. Fashion is indeed something without borders or without limits. Fashion should be a world without strangers. Everyone has their own fashion. Everyone is entitled to wear what they want and to be who they really are. Meaning, Giordano's "World Without Strangers" is really a nice idea. It tells us that we can be anything. Races are just labels, we are all humans. And, Giordano made us feel that with their line of clothing.

So guys if you are into something awesome go grab yourself a Giordano outfit. And btw, they have cool denims and polo shirts.

I am Paulo and let us have a world without strangers.

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