Sunday, July 29, 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Yes the title has something to do with the movie with the same name. I just watched it, that's one. Second is that, like the boy in the movie exploring and finding out something, I was too. But not in a complicated way like doing maps, plans and other stuffs alike. Instead, looking for the main branches of certain drugstores.

Okay, this is for our thesis. I think I need not to elaborate things about it anymore. Moving on, I just want you to show how I dressed up while exploring the land of Metro Manila just to search for the main offices of the drugstores. Before that, when you know that you'll be in a very long trip, first things first travel light. Wear your most comfy clothes. And bring only those important things that you need inside your bag. Take note again: your bag must be not so heavy.

Wearing a checkered red and white polo. Singlet inside from Penshoppe, Skinny Pants, Boat Shoes and Gaff bag from Flying Dutchman

I hope I made some help and I inspired you guys with this. Then, after those long walks we needed to treat ourselves. Had some snack at J. Co Donuts and Coffee, an Indonesian retail food store specializing at donuts, froyos and coffee making a big buzz in the country. 

Stolen shot

I am Paulo and I'm such an explorer.

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