Monday, July 2, 2012


Being young is indeed something most would want to. Most want to stay forever as it is. Maybe, because of the enjoyment that you may have. Most say that this is the time of our lives where in we get to know who we really are. A time where in we know what's right or what's wrong. Well, I think that... that's what SM Youth is all about.

SM Youth is showcasing us that being young is fun. So we must enjoy it. Like what most will say "YOLO!". So now SM Youth has a theme which is the SM Youth University which I think is a great one. Why? because it is a great appeal to us youngsters that we can. We can be a leader. We can take responsibilities like others can. We can contribute to the world even at this very young age. We have a worth. We young people can be the future. Wait I think I'm being too much poetic. Anyway, here's a video from SM Youth which I think will explain somehow what I mean. :D

Nice huh? Well you may be a part of that. Why? SM Youth is hiring people who are good in Graphic Design, Photography and Styling. You must be at least 18 above. Currently enrolled in college/ university program. Must be passionate and hardworking. You may email your resume and portfolio at

To see the photo clearer and with more details click this.

I am Paulo and I think I might apply for it because I want to be one of those SM Youth University Leaders or Icons (maybe I can represent UST). hahahaha.. :D It looks fun!

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