Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alter to Fit

I can not fathom the idea of wearing a shirt that is not a perfect fit for me. Then why I bought this? Basically, I asked my friend to buy me clothes from H&M. (This brand has been in stores making good quality clothes and products that promotes customer satisfaction.) So I browsed their website to check which one I should buy. So I chose a couple of clothes. Then send the link to her. The idea is like online shopping.

Maybe others find it not so good because the item that you might get is not the perfect size that you want. That's what happened to this one shirt that my friend bought for me. It appeared longer that we thought. I faced this problem as something to explore to.

This time, is the time for me to experiment more about my clothes. Do some cuttings, and stuffs alike. I got myself a sharp scissors. Cut the lower part for an inch and a half because as I said it's too long. After cutting it, I stretched the fabric to make a detail about the ends of it. What's the detail? The ends curled up. That's a good thing, I think. Then what to do about the part you cut. Again, explore, experiment. In this outfit, I made it as a bracelet.

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The photos appeared to be blurred. I dunno why... :((((((

I am PAULO and don't be afraid to experiment.

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