Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deserves an OMG

I was scrolling down my facebook and suddenly I saw this:

Well this deserves a big OMG! Nice one Topman Philippines 

So here's the deal: For example I saw this Topman Made desert boots which fortunately happened to be on-sale in a price of Php 1500. That means that may get-one should be anything lower than the price of Php 1500 but should also be on-sale. Like for example, I saw this hip looking burgundy colored chinos for only Php 1300 and on-sale. Then that's how it works. I hope that I could do this tomorrow or on weekend exactly how I typed here. Hahah.. Crossing my fingers now.

I know it's big deal for me. The heck, this is TOPMAN that's why! I love how they make their own collections. Very trendy; comfy, classy and more....

Once again...

I am PAULO and Go for TOPMAN!

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