Saturday, July 21, 2012

Herschel Supply Co.

Tired of carrying bags that most students have? Tired of those "bag ng bayan/bag of the whole community" (i mean every students' bag)? You still have time to switch. So I received an email from Herschel Supply Co., I dunno why? In return, I'll be making a blog post about it.

I don't have any Herschel bag yet but I know it is a good quality brand. Because, I've been visiting their store once in a while and I can see that they really make a good one. (And It's one of my to buy lists.) It's not only a good one, it's also hip (adj. fashionably current and in the know or cooler than cool). And, the styles that they have are the ones I love: rucksack, messenger, duffel and more. Here's their Fall 2012 collection you may check their Facebook page (Philippines/International):

If there would be anything about brand ambassador of Herschel Supply Co. I would love to join. haha... I really like this bag.

 I am PAULO and this is what you call THE BAG.

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